Courtesy: Shri. CD Aniyankunju, Treasurer, SNGDSS - Jaipur.
Gurumandiram Jaipur / Sree Narayana Guru

Sree Narayana Guru Dharma Seva Samiti (SNGDSS)

SNGDSS, Jaipur has its origin way back in 1988, when some like-minded Narayana Guru devotees had joined together & had started holding monthly meetings albeit, in an amorphous manner.

The coming together of Narayana Guru devotees based in the Pink City, who were hither-to-fore disoriented and less inclined towards the community, had it holding annual Gurudev Jayanti celebrations in a hired accommodation thats too, in a very grandeur manner. Unity of the community spirited people have progressed which resulted into registering the Organization with the Registrar of Societies, Government of Rajasthan, in the name of Sree Narayana Guru Dharma Seva Samiti, Jaipur, vide Registration No 68, Jaipur/1989-90, on 05 May 1989.

Sree Narayana Guru temple in Jaipur / Sree Narayana Lokam

Owing to some reasons, after the registration, the activities of the Samiti had virtually gone into a dormant stage with no activity whatsoever. Like the famous quotes of a historian, the religion may lie dormant but, nobody can decimate it, some spirited community fellows took active interest to rejuvenate the activities of the Samiti and had acquired a plot of land in 2012 and with a strong urge to have a spiritual platform of their own, constructed a room for the purpose of holding weekly poojas in front of a large portrait of Gurudevan, placed in the one room set.

Gradually, the office bearers, with the active support of the devotees purchased the adjacent plot too, thus, enlarging the total land area of the Samiti to 1500 Sq. By this time the total strength of the Samiti has gone up to 300 families.

With the generous contribution of the members, the Samiti has constructed a befitting Gurudev Temple, akin to the one existing at Sivagiri as also a Bhajana Hall. The Temple was consecrated by Swamy Shiv Bhodananda.

With all these positive development, the Samiti has no qualms in jotting down that a sort of renaissance have occurred amongst the Narayana Guru devotees and lot more activities have also commenced in which Weekly Pooja, Bhajana, Annadanam on every Sundays sponsored by the members, monthly Chathayam and monthly prayer meeting at the house of each member had been put in place. Since then, the Samiti has been holding the annual Chathayam function in a very elaborate way by inviting at least one Swamy from Sivagiri Mutt or from other associated Ashrams and guest speakers to enlighten the members.

The present office bearers have taken over the charge with effect from 06 May 2012. With the concentrated efforts and active cooperation of the members, the Samiti had embarked on an ambitious project of building an auditorium. Thus, in 2013 the Samiti could complete the basement and in 2014 the ground floor measuring 2000 sq ft has added to it. The auditorium is located next to the Temple. The Samiti is fully involved in the spiritual and other matters of the members.

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