Gomukhasana / Yoga Lokam


Cow Face posture / Yoga Lokam

GOMUKHASANA - In Sanskrit 'GO' means 'COW', 'MUKHA' means 'FACE' and 'ASANA' means 'POSE'. The pose when seen from the front resembles a cow's face.

Hold a strap between the two hands for tight-shouldered people, who are not able to hook their fingers together.

  • Sit on the floor extending the legs in front. Fold the left leg and place it under the right buttocks and then fold the right leg, and place it on top of the left thighs.

  • Keep the knees of both the legs close to each other, one above the other.

  • Now, bend the left arm and place it behind the back and bend the right arm, take it over the right shoulders and place it on the back as far as it can go.

  • Stretch the left and right hands to touch each other behind the back. Initially it may be difficult to touch the fingers but later, with practice, try to clasp the left hand with the right hand.

  • Keep the head upright and straight and look up. Maintain this position for as long as comfortable, breathing normally and deeply.

  • Practice the exercise on the other side as well.

  • Stimulates the kidney function, activates the bladder and the digestive system, and also helps in countering diabetes.

  • Strengthens ankles and finger joints, promotes mobility of the hips, thighs and shoulders, and also strengthens the muscles of the chest and back.

  • Facilitates deeper breathing.

  • GOMUKHASANA targets the hips and the shoulders – two of the most common locations for chronic pain and tension in the body. GOMUKHASANA helps to make the back flexible.

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