Vajrasana / Yoga Lokam


Thunderbolt posture / Yoga Lokam

"VAJRASANA" is known as the 'THUNDERBOLT' or 'DIAMOND' pose. This is the only ASANA that can be practiced after lunch or dinner, ideally for ten minutes.

The NAMAZ POSE for prayer by Muslims resemble this ASANA and also the MEDITATION POSTURE by Zen Buddhists is just a variation of VAJRASANA.

The "VAJRASANA" helps in digestive issues like constipation, and also strengthens the muscles of the legs and back. Those who sit in "VAJRASANA" have a steady and firm posture.

Those who find PADMASANA uncomfortable, may practice "VAJRASANA" for meditation. Practice this asana particularly after meal, for at least 5 minutes to boost the digestive system.

For any acute digestive disorder, breathe-in and breathe-out 100 times while in "VAJRASANA", before and after the meals.

  • Stand on the knees with the lower part of the legs together and stretched backwards, keeping the toes crossing each other.

  • Lower the body and sit on the heels, resting the buttocks on the heels and the thighs on the calf muscles.

  • Keep the right palm on right lap and left palm on left lap and the spine straight.

  • Concentrate on the breathing and start to inhale and exhale gently. One may close the eyes to get good concentration and calm of mind.

  • Continue the practice in this asana for a period of 5 to 10 minutes.

  • Initially, one may get pain in the legs while sitting in "VAJRASANA". One may stretch the legs and massage the ankles, knees and calf muscles to reduce the pain.

Note: Avoid doing this asana in case of knee problem or recent knee surgery..

  • Brings calming effect and stability to the mind, thus helping one in getting relaxed.

  • Cures constipation, acidity and increases the digestion process. Practising immediately after meals will give relief to gastric problems.

  • Strengthens the pelvic muscles, prevents hernia and give relief for piles. The asana also, assists in labor and alleviates menstrual disorders.

  • Helps in the toning of body muscles like the hips, thighs and the calf muscles, and assists in getting rid of back pain.

  • The blood flow to the legs is reduced and the blood flow to the digestive organs is increased, and helps in curing numerous body ailments like vericose veins and joint pains.

  • Helps to reduce obesity, cure urinary problems and helps in strengthening the sexual organs.

Practise VAJRASANA in a slow, controlled & systematic way, so as to keep the awareness and ideal position in mind at all times. It is one of the preferred posture for MEDITATION and CONCENTRATION.

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